December 15, 2013

UNESCO launched Assessment Framework for Media and Information Literacy

UNESCO has launched its Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Assessment Framework for the evaluation of countries’ readiness to create an enabling environment for MIL. The publication also aims to assess citizens’ competencies on MIL, particularly targeting teachers in service and training.

Source: UNESCO
"MIL is defined as a set of competencies that empowers citizens to access, retrieve, understand, evaluate and use, create, as well as share information and media content in all formats, using various tools, in a critical, ethical and effective way, in order to participate and engage in personal, professional and societal activities". 

UNESCO advocates that MIL be one of the preconditions of sustainable development and that literate use of information, media and ICT tools, including the Internet, will help to ensure that everyone enjoys the full benefits of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly freedom of expression and access to information.

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