February 11, 2013

Understanding Open Licensing – Free online workshop - 19th to 22nd February, 2013

Understanding Open Licensing workshop (organized by the Institute of Development Studies Knowledge Services) will equip participants to use open licensing with confidence when they make knowledge available on the Internet, and to understand the key issues for reusing open licensed materials published by others. 
It will provide a simple “how-to” guide to the Creative Commons licensing framework, the international standard which sets out allowable uses of knowledge published free on the web.  Participants will learn how to publish using open licences, what to consider when re-using open licensed materials, and how to advise other knowledge producers. 
The workshop will include the facility for participants to post questions and to receive facilitator replies via the website and / or by email.

Who should attend?
This event will be important for researchers, communications specialists, publishers, librarians, website editors, and information service managers. Individuals with a range of levels of knowledge of intellectual property law are welcome.
Please note - Participants are not expected to actively engage for the duration of each day of the event. You are welcome to join in at specific points when it is most interesting / convenient for you.
Shihaam Shaikh is an Intellectual Property Lawyer, OpenUCT Project Manager, and PhD Law Student, and is based in South Africa
She is interested in the promotion of Creative Commons as an alternative management solution for copyright holders and the advocacy of using Creative Commons licensed materials by educators in the creation of teaching and learning materials.

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