December 3, 2011

CILIP Programme - Teaching information literacy in HE: what, where and how?

Information Literacy work is growing exponentially across higher education. Librarians are working to engage as many students as possible, producing materials/tutorials for the digital environment as well as devising face-to-face activities. What is likely to make Information Literacy 'teaching' most interesting and effective? What different approaches are possible? CILIP programme on  Teaching Information Literacy in Higher Education will address the issues and practicalities associated with designing effective IL activities/sessions.

"Teaching information literacy in HE: what, where and how?" programme will be of interest to HE institutions with library staff who teach information literacy to groups and/or write IL on-line resources, or want to review and adapt their existing practice. 

This programme provides participants with an opportunity to: 
  • review what aspects of information literacy they currently teach and how they teach them; share ideas and examples with colleagues; 
  • begin to adapt their teaching sessions/ materials using current ideas from international research and practice.
By the end of the programme participants will have:
  • considered the elements which comprise information literacy for the 21st Century;
  • shared ideas about the contexts in which IL is taught most productively (e.g. on-line? Disciplinary context? );
  • reviewed the design and scope of  learning outcomes;
  • considered a range of teaching strategies and activities ((face-to-face and on-line) that can be used to promote student learning;
  • adapted or planned an IL session/activity for on-line or face-to-face use.
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