November 17, 2011

Google Scholar Citations Open To All

Google Scholar is open to all. Create your profile and explore the possibilities: 
  • Track citations to your publications: Check who is citing your publications. Graph your citations over time. Compute citation metrics.
  • View publications by colleagues: Keep up with their work. See their citation metrics.
  • Appear in Google Scholar search results: Create a public profile that can appear in Google Scholar when someone searches for your name.
You can quickly identify which articles are yours, by selecting one or more groups of articles that are computed statistically. Then, Google Scholar collects citations to your articles, graph them over time, and compute your citation metrics - the widely used h-index; the i-10 index, which is simply the number of articles with at least ten citations; and, of course, the total number of citations to your articles. Each metric is computed over all citations and also over citations in articles published in the last five years.

Your citation metrics will update automatically as Google Scholar finds new citations to your articles on the web. You can also set up automated updates for the list of your articles, or you can choose to review the suggested updates. And you can, of course, manually update your profile by adding missing articles, fixing bibliographic errors, and merging duplicate entries.

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